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Good Centrifuge Guide

Supporting you Then, Supporting you Now

Here are some suggestions for keeping your MSE centrifuge running at peak performance.

Always run with a full set of buckets. Distribute load evenly around the rotor balancing opposing buckets. Regularly clean and decontaminate your rotor, buckets and adapters, particularly if there is a spillage. Only clean buckets in a neutral pH cleaner. Do not use strong acids or alkalis or corrosive substances. Do not leave buckets to soak for any length of time in cleaning or disinfecting products (i.e. overnight). Use a brush with soft bristles for cleaning. Avoid using a brush with wire bristles as this will scratch the surface of the buckets. Dry buckets and rotors after cleaning. Dry upside down so excess water can drain away. Make sure no moisture is trapped between the adaptor and buckets as this can lead to corrosion. Ensure rotor, buckets & lids are securely fitted. Remove any broken tubes or debris from the centrifuge bowl. For refrigerated units, leave the lid open after use to allow moisture to evaporate.