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Blue Force 1L – Adaptors & Accessories

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Adaptors for 200ml Sealed Buckets (MSB43551–1215) with 4 x 200ml Swing–Out Rotor (MSB43124–134) Max. Speed 4,500 rpm.

Cat. No. Adaptor Colour Rotor Capacity Max. Dia. Min. Length Max. Length Max. RCF
 MSB34159–3021  1 x 100ml
(Round Bottom Tube)
Brown 4 x 100ml  39mm 85mm  118mm 3,611 xg
 MSB34159–3017  1 x 50ml
(Universal Tube)
Yellow  4 x 50ml  29mm 85mm  118mm 3,599 xg
 MSB34159–3040  7 x 15ml
(Blood Tube)
Green  28 x 15ml  17mm  74mm  115mm 3,611 xg
 MSB34159–3036  4 x 10ml
(Flat Bottom Tube)
Grey  16 x 10ml  16mm  42mm  115mm 3,599 xg
 MSB34159–3055  9 x 7ml
(Blood tube)
Orange  36 x 7ml  13mm  57.5mm  115mm 3,611 xg
 MSB34159-3055A  9 X 7ml
(Large Caps)
White  36 x 7ml  12.7mm  57.5mm  115mm 3,599 xg
 MSB34159–306A  12 x 5ml
(Blood Tube)
Blue  48 x 5ml  12mm  48mm  115mm 3,611xg
MSB34159-307 1 x 30 ml
(Universal Tube)
White 4 x 30ml 26mm 66mm 100mm 3,214 xg
MSB34159–308 7 x 15ml
(Flat Bottom Tube)
Black 28 x 15ml 17mm 72mm 115mm 3,577 xg
MSB34159–309 1 x 50ml
(Falcon Tube)
Beige 4 x 50ml 29mm 101mm 118mm 3,599 xg
34159–310 3 x 15ml
(Falcon Tube)
Maroon 12 x 15ml 18mm 91mm 115mm 3,667 xg


Cat. No. Rotor Capacity Max. Dia. Max. Length Max. RC (4,500RPM)
200ml Bottle (MSB43551–103A)
Does not require adaptor
4 x 200ml 57mm 120mm 3,667 xg

4 x 30ml Universal Square Bucket (MSB43551–1255) for use with 4 x 200ml Rotor (MSB43124–134) Max. Speed 4,500 rpm

Cat. No. Adaptor Max. Dia. Max. Length Max. RC (4,500RPM)
MSB43551–1255 16 x 30ml (1 oz) 28mm 92mm 3,237 xg

8 x 30ml/50ml Sealed Bucket (MSB43156-6038) with Trunnion Carrier (MSB34136-110) for use with 4 x 200ml Rotor (MSB43124–134) Max. Speed 4,500 rpm

Cat. No. Bucket Max. Dia. Max. Length Max. RC (4,500RPM)
MSB34142-1208 8 x 30ml Universal 29mm 92mm 3,205 xg
MSB34142-1108 8 x 50ml Falcon 29mm 115mm 3,690 xg

Microtitration Rotor (MSB43121-117) Max. speed 2,600RPM

Type of Container Max. Dia. Max. Length Capacity Max. RCF(6,000RPM)
96 well micro plate 85mm 127mm 2 normal per carrier
(4 in total)
733 xg (upper tray)
      1 deep well per carrier
(2 in total)
835 xg (lower tray)

Angle Rotors

Rotor Capacity Bucket Adaptor Max. Speed Max. RCF
MSB43117–608 6 x 50ml 43156–6026 34144-30726
15ml Falcon
6,500 rpm 5,574 xg
    43156-6026  34141-11516
30ml Universal
6,500 rpm 5,574 xg
    43156-6026 34142-1016
50ml Falcon
6,500 rpm 5,574 xg
MSB43117–607 12 x 15ml 43156–6012 34142-1019
15ml Blood tube
6,500 rpm 5,290 xg
MSB43117–609 4 x 50ml 43156–6034 34142–1204
30ml Universal
6,500 rpm 5,195 xg
    43156–6034 34142-1104
50ml Falcon
6,500 rpm 5,195 xg

High Speed Angle Rotor. Optional Sealing Lid Available (MSB43117–614)

Rotor Capacity Max. Speed Max. RCF
MSB43117–612 24 x 2ml 15,000 rpm 20,125 xg

Ordering Information

Model Description
MSB080.CX3.1 Blue Force 1L Centrifuge 120V 50/60Hz
MSB080.CX3.5 Blue Force 1L Centrifuge 220–230V 50/60Hz
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