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Preventative Maintenance


£1 per day for peace of mind
36 checks to keep your centrifuge running at peak performance
Most faults can be fixed immediately on site
Annual servicing will increase reliability and safety

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Complete Care Package


All the benefits of the Preventative Maintenance package
Unlimited parts and labour over the year

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36 point check

These are some of the things we do when we visit your lab to service your equipment.
This list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive, and not every operation mentioned will apply to every model of centrifuge.

General visual  inspection.

Visual and aural inspection of the machine, accessories and location for damage, abnormal noise, inappropriate siting.


Ensure the lid latch operates correctly, and particularly, that the lid cannot be opened, with reasonable effort, while latched.
Inspect and lubricate lid hinges and latching components.
Adjust lid support hinges.
Inspect and verify operation of the gas spring(s) supporting the lid.
Verify operation of lid interlock switch(es) and lid operation switch(es).
Inspect lid seal.


Inspect condition of the chamber / bowl, specifically for any signs of damage caused by impact from the rotor or buckets.
Inspect bowl seal / motor seal.


Visual inspection of motor condition.
Visual inspection and/or stress test of motor mounts, (aka AV mounts).
Remove carbon brushes and inspect condition of brushes and commutator.
Purge motor and area of carbon dust.
Carry out insulation test.
Lubricate as necessary.
Inspect motor shaft and rotor thread/fixing.

Electronics / interface

Visual inspection.

Purge area of any carbon dust.

Verify operation of user interface and condition of display.

Verify operation and / or adjustment of imbalance detection device.

Verify operation of mechanical timers.

Rotor / Buckets

Visual inspection of Rotor and Buckets for corrosion, damage or deformation.
Specifically inspect Rotor and Buckets for stress cracks.
Verify integrity of rotor location mechanism.
Inspect rotor lids and seals.
Clean & lubricate threaded components of rotor.
Clean and lubricate trunnions.


Visual inspection of refrigeration system.
Visual inspection of temperature sensor within the bowl / chamber.
Clean condenser of any accumulated fluff or debris.
Verify operation of condenser cooling fan and motor.
Verify operation of refrigeration system.
Verify condition of drain hose and collection vessel.


Verify electrical integrity by applying a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) appropriate to the electrical class of the device. NB This is not a traceable test, such as that performed by specialist PAT companies, but a safety verification following the servicing of the machine.
Clean the centrifuge and where practical, the immediate surrounding area.
Remove expired labels from the machine and, where practical, remove any adhesive deposits.

Our Engineers

All our engineers are factory trained on MSE centrifuges.
We can service a wide variety of centrifuge brands in one visit.  

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